SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — New information about a missing South Dakota woman led to a search warrant of a house and property in Georgia, officials said on Thursday, July 27.

Morgan Bauer of Aberdeen has been missing since 2016. Family members said they last heard from her in late February of that year. She was 19 when she moved to the Atlanta area.

“The search warrant is based on new information that has come to light,” Porterdale Police Officer Sgt. Michael A. Walden said in a July 27 news conference. The search had resulted in “items of evidentiary interest,” Walden said.

Walden said in an interview with KELOLAND News on Friday the search ended later in the evening on Thursday.

“I can’t answer specifics (as to what was found),” Walden said.

The house and property covered under the search warrant is near a park where Walden recorded a social media video, Walden said.

“One thing that everybody is clear about, she was physically in town,” Walden said.

It was originally believed that Bauer was last scene after work at a club in Gainesville on Feb. 25. The social media video is believed to have been posted on Feb. 26.

“The time aspect became clearer as new information came forward,” Walden said.

The search comes more than seven years after Bauer disappeared. The search warrant’s scope covered “any possibility. Any possible outcome…,” Walden said of what items of interest may be found.

The police had no suspects in custody as of Friday morning.

Officials said during Thursday’s news conference that so far, the owners of the property had been cooperating.

Walden said on Friday the owners lived on the property and he believed they were living there in 2016.

The search and investigation involves the FBI, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Peoria, Illinois, Police Department, The Newton County Sheriff’s Office and county attorney’s office, and the Atlanta Police Department.

Bauer moved to the Atlanta area in response to a Craigslist ad to be a housekeeper at a property in exchange for rent, according to multiple media reports. The agreement didn’t work so Bauer got a job as a dancer at a club in Gainesville, Georgia. It’s believed Bauer lived in motels while working at the club.

Walden said on Thursday that while difficult, he asked for patience from Bauer’s family. On Friday, he said, “We take all seriously all missing person cases we get.”

Bauer’s mother Sherri Keenan started the Missing Morgan Facebook page in 2016 to help in the search for Bauer.

Porterdale Police asked anyone with any information on the case to contact the department. The number listed on police website is 770- 786-2226.