MADISON, S.D. (KELO) – The wait is finally over for Swifties as the Taylor Swift “Eras Tour” movie was released a day early. 

While some larger theaters in bigger cities sold out right away, Dakota Cinema, an independent movie theater in Madison, has plenty of openings for Swifties who weren’t able to see the concert or girls who just want to relive the tour with surround sound.

“They did a phenomenal job on it,” Kelli Brown, owner of Dakota Cinema, said. “The sound is amazing, we’ve got Dolby 7.1 surround sound just like all the big cities do. You’re just totally immersed in it, it’s fantastic.” 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie will be showing at Dakota Cinema and surrounding theaters Thursday-Sunday for the next four weeks. Brown said the prices were preset by Taylor Nation at $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for youth (if you know, you know). 

Dakota Cinema also has a limited amount of collector cups and buckets and 9:45 shows for adults 18 and older. 

To go along with the film’s release, Dakota Cinema’s resident Swiftie Lily Wolff has decked out the lobby in all 10 of Swift’s album eras: green for her debut album, gold to represent the “Fearless” era, purple for “Speak Now,” red for… obviously, “RED,” blue for “1989” black to represent “reputation,” pink for “Lover,” gray and orange for the sister albums “folklore” and “evermore,” and navy blue for her latest album “Midnights.” 

Wolff went to the Minneapolis concert in June and said the movie will be a good compromise for people who weren’t able to attend one of Swift’s shows. 

“The camera is like up on the stage, so it’s even kind of better than if you were at the concert because you’ll get to see her up close,” Wolff said. “It won’t be like going to the concert, but it’ll be close enough.” 

Wolff said the theater is encouraging everyone to dress up as their favorite era and sing along during the movie.

“We want them to have their own concert here,” Wolff said. “We hope the people that come, come in their best Eras Tour outfit, Taylor album that they like. They can go all out and we will fully support it.” 

The staff is even getting in on the fun and dressing up as different eras during the showings. For the Thursday premiere, Brown went for a “1989” vibe with sequins, sunglasses and a bomber jacket. Wolff wore Swift’s icon “Junior Jewels” t-shirt and pajamas from the “You Belong With Me” music video. 

“We love doing stuff like this, with dressing the part. It’s mostly just for the kids movies with Mario and Despicable Me,” Brown said. “I’ve got a few high school girls and college girls so it’s fun for them to get to dress up for their generation’s biggest star.”

As an independent movie theater, Brown found out about the Eras Tour movie from social media at the same time the public did. She said people were blowing up her phone asking if Dakota Cinema would be showing the movie, which they quickly got the ‘OK’ for. 

“Our big sellout movies have typically been your Marvel, your superhero and then kids movies,” she said. “So seeing movies that are really drawing in the little girls and the women and the moms that are bringing the girls with them is fun.” 

Brown commended Swift and her family for making a deal with movie theaters during the writer’s strike, which allowed the film to be shown, even in independent theaters. 

“The writer’s strike made another impact on the industry, just like COVID did,” she said. “We’ve lost some really big movies we were excited for in the fall so this is filling in that gap.”