SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Victims of serious crimes in South Dakota likely knew the offender and the crime happened in a residence or home.

Most serious crimes happen inside a residence and home, according to the 2021 crime report from the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office. Many offenders in serious crimes are often an acquaintance or boyfriend/girlfriend of the victim, according to the FBI data for South Dakota.

The state had 46,334 group A attempted or completed offenses in 2021. Group A offenses include simple assault, aggravated assault, drug violations and similar. Of those 46,334 attempted or completed offenses, 16,560 happened in a residence or home.

The state’s 2021 crime report said a reported 1,238 aggravated assaults and a reported 3,912 simple assaults happened in a residence/home.

Victims of violent crime in the state were mostly female, according to 2021 crime data from the FBI. Most offenders were an acquaintance of the victim, or a boyfriend or girlfriend of the victim, according to the FBI. The FBI data reflects state data in that most violent crimes happened at a residence or home.

Law enforcement agencies reported a total of 38,160 arrests involving 69,277 offenses in
2021, according to the AG’s office. The serious offenses accounted for a total of 15,210 arrests, the office said.

Group B offenses include bad checks, trespass and similar.

Although 370 motor vehicle thefts happened on street, alley, sidewalk, or highway, more were stolen from a residence (945). Another 639 were stolen from a parking lot or garage.

Those 60 and older category had the most victims in 2021. The age range of 60 and older had 4,175 victims of group A offenses. Yet, those 60 and older were classified in one category while others are broken down by five years.

Those under 34 to age 25 had about 7,000 total victims.

Individuals 25 to 29 had 3,467 victims of serious crimes, followed by those in the 30-34 age range at 3,463.

The victim numbers drop below 3,000 at age 40 and continue to drop below 2,000 until age 60.

Weapons were involved in some serious crimes such as aggravated assault, simple assault an rape.

The state’s 2021 crime report uses a personal weapons category for a type of weapon. For simple assaults, 4,261 personal weapons were involved. Another 532 weapons were involved in aggravated assaults.

The FBI said there were 1,014 personal weapons involved in serious crimes.

In a break-down by the 19 murder or non-negligent manslaughter crimes in 2021, seven handguns, one automatic handgun, one other firearm, five knives or cutting instruments, one personal weapon and two unknown weapons were involved.

One-hundred seventy three handguns were involved in aggravated assaults. Offenders used a motor vehicle 128 times in an aggravated assault.

Crimes such as assault, motor vehicle theft, theft from a motor vehicle, destruction of property and vandalism were much more common in the state than human trafficking crimes.

The state report said there were seven incidents of human trafficking involving commercial sex acts and none involving involuntary servitude.

There were six incidents of welfare fraud.