COVID-19 cases climbing in those under 20 in South Dakota Original

PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Coronavirus cases in individuals under 20 years old increased by 212 from July 15 reported data to July 29 reported data from the South Dakota Department of Health.

The cases are positive COVID-19 cases in individuals 0-19, which would include students of K-12 school age.

Some of the increase comes from Camp Judson, a religious camp in Keystone. The DOH said 32 campers and staff have COVID-19 as of July 29.

Camp Judson said in its July 27 news release that the cases stemmed from the July 12-18 senior high camp, which would include individuals in the 0-19 age range.

Camp Judson director Tracy Koskan declined to say how many campers participated in the July 12-18 camp. Koskan said the DOH has the number and has shared it.

An email to the DOH requesting the number of campers was not returned Wednesday afternoon.

Concerns about COVID-19 cases in school-aged individuals have already happened at least once this summer.

Madison High School suspended extracurricular practices on July 8 following confirmation of COVID-19 cases in high school students in that area. Lake County had 37 cases on July 14 and 78 on July 29.

The largest increase in COVID-19 case numbers was in the 20-29 age range with 242 new cases from the July 15 data to the July 29 data. The age range has 1,830 cases as of July 29, the most of any age group in the state listings, according to the DOH.

Some of that age range will be returning to college in mid-August or late August.

The under 20 age group has 1,071 total cases. On July 15, the DOH listed 859 cases, which increased to 1,071 in the July 29 report. In general, cases reported each day are from counts in the prior 24-hour period.

According to data shared by the South Dakota Department of Health for a Original story on July 15, “Coronavirus cases in individuals under the age of 40 have increased by 429 cases from July 1 to July 14.” 

Derrick Haskins of the DOH said in that story while the number of cases in those under 40 had increased, the percentage of those cases as all the positive cases had not increased during that time.

The 1,071 total cases in those under 20 accounts for about 12.4% of the total 8,641 positive cases as of July 29. That percentage is lower than the 15% for the June 16 through July 14 age range, according to the state.

The 1,830 cases in 20 to 29 accounts for 21.2% of all cases.

The 30 to 39 age range has the second most cases in the state with 1,729, which accounts for 20% of all cases.

As of July 29, individuals in the 20 to 39 year age range account for 41.2% of all COVID-19 cases in the state. Cases increased by 380 from July 15 listings to July 29 listings in this age range.

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