SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Now firmly into the month of September, the street construction season for the City of Sioux Falls is drawing to a close. Here’s an update on the various projects still in the works.

The City recently updated their progress on all the projects, and we’ve thrown together a map outlining each individual area of work.

In addition to each of these individual projects, there are also city-wide asphalt overlay and slurry projects in the works too, not noted on the map above.

A City spokesperson working with the Public Works Department told KELOLAND News that while the official end of the construction season is often dictated by weather, things typically wind down in October or November, meaning there are fewer than two months left to complete planned work.

The City has the individual projects, 16 in all, broken down into three categories: North, Downtown/Central and South.

Street construction has gone well so far this year, according to Andy Berg, City Engineer.

“Overall, this year’s street construction season has been great and projects are making progress, for which we have to thank ideal weather and our City and contractor teams,” Berg said. “Each year, street construction projects are equal parts keeping pace with the City’s growth and taking care of our current transportation network.”

Projects marked with an * denote joint projects between the City and the South Dakota DOT.


Arrowhead Parkway and Six Mile Road Reconstruction

Updated on September 6, the City says that the roadway is now fully open to traffic, though some miscellaneous restoration work remains.

Sycamore Avenue, Benson Road, & 60th Street North Overpass *

A series of projects, this area has seen work on water and sewer improvements, bridge replacement and asphalt paving.

Benson Road / I-229 Interchange Reconstruction *

Updated on Sept. 1, the City says that the concrete paving work on the east side of I-229 is nearly complete, that asphalt work has been completed at Benson Road and Hall Avenue and that the bridge work over I-229 is still in progress.

In addition to these updates, sewer and storm drain work have been completed for the year, and watermain work is also nearing completion.

E. 6th Street Concrete Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay from I-229 to N. Sycamore Avenue

The initial phases of this project have been completed, with pavement markings painted and repairs complete between Sycamore and Linwood Court.

Partial depth concrete repairs, as well as lane and gutter work continue in the eastbound lanes along this stretch from Sycamore to Linwood Ct.

Further work on this section will continue once the eastbound lanes are complete, which will include concrete repairs and diamond grinding to smooth out the driving surface.

North Marion Road Improvements, 258th Street to Memory Lane

Updated Sept. 7, the City says that the contractor for the project is still in the process of road construction along N. Marion Rd. Phase 2 along MC Highway 130 began on Sept. 5.


Unity Bridge

In a Sept. 5 update, the City says that framework and decking for the bridge are around 70% complete, and that concrete pouring for the bridge deck is expected to take place in early October.

Curb and gutter work are underway on the south side of the street to the east of the bridge, and utility work is underway east of the railroad tracks.

Minnesota Avenue from Russell Street to 2nd Street

Updated Sept. 3, the City says that decorative lighting and other elements have been installed and are being programmed.

2023 ADA Accessibility Improvements

Last updated in July, the City said at the time that final landscaping work was underway, and that the project would be completed by August.


26th Street Overlay- Cleveland Avenue to Alpine Avenue

In a Sept. 1 update, the City noted that construction of new ADA ramps was nearing completion on the south side of 26th St. Asphalt paving began at the end of August, and work is expected to move to the north side of the street early in September.

Veterans Parkway Traffic Signal Improvements

All concrete work has finished for this project and traffic signal installation is in progress. Site restoration will take place once the signals have been fully installed.

41st Street Diverging Diamond *

Concrete pouring on the north side of the bridge has finished, and the canopy is set to be removed from beneath the bridge deck.

The retaining wall for the northbound off-ramp is expected to be finished by mid-September, while the northbound on-ramp is currently closed, but will be reopening soon.

57th Street, Veterans Parkway to Six Mile Road

This extension of 57th Street past Veterans Parkway has been fully paved, and work is in progress to install sidewalks and the median.

Cliff Avenue and 85th Street Area Improvements

As of the beginning of September, all asphalt and concrete paving has been completed in the driving lanes, and work is underway on sidewalks and a colored median.

Cliff is open to one lane of traffic in each direction and will remain so until the sidewalk and median work has been completed. There is a current delay in the installation of a permanent traffic signal due to material lead times. The intersection at 85th and Cliff will remain a 4-way stop until a permanent signal can be installed.

2023 Retrofit Cathodic Protection

Last updated in June, this project had been completed with the contractor completing 675 cores of asphalt, grass or concrete, installing 662 anodes meant to protect 2.5 miles of water main from corrosion.

South Veterans Parkway – Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue *

South Veterans Parkway – Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue

Cliff Ave. has been reopened to two lanes of traffic in each direction between 85th and 77th Streets. Temporary signals have been removed and dirt placement between Minnesota and Cliff Aves. has finished.

Construction of the structure for a bridge over 85th St. is underway.

Tallgrass Avenue from 74th Street to 89th Street

Storm sewer installation is underway along Tallgrass Ave.