SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Farm Bureau has added a panelist to its carbon dioxide forum set for Aug. 16 at Dakotafest, said Farm Bureau executive director Krystil Smit.

Jay Poindexter of Ree Heights has been added to the panel, Smit said. Poindexter is a landowner who has been very involved in talking about these (CO2)projects, Smit said.

The forum’s original lineup of Jim Pirolli, Summit Carbon Solutions, Jim Seurer, Glacial Lakes Energy and Kristen Edwards, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, drew comments and questions from landowners who worried there was no representation from landowners and counties who had concerns about proposed CO2 pipelines.

“We never intended to leave out one side or the other,” Smit said.

The intent of the forum is to provide attendees with an update on the status of the proposed Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 pipeline, Smit said. The original plan was to allow for questions about the pipeline, including from those who had concerns, she said.

Summit plans to run about 460 miles of CO2 pipeline through the state as part of a roughly 2,000 mile pipeline.

Dakotafest is organized by the Idea Ag Group that works with the American Farm Bureau and others.

Smit said said people thought the PUC sponsored the CO2 forum but the PUC was asked by the South Dakota Farm Bureau to present and update about the pipeline process.

An updated description provided by Smit on the Aug. 16 better clarifies that the South Dakota Farm Bureau is sponsoring the forum.

“South Dakota Farm Bureau is neutral on (CO2) pipelines,” Smit said. It develops policy based on its input from members.

The organization is now in its policy development time. The bureau will be getting feedback on issues and members will also submit policy resolutions at the state convention in November.

Smit said she expects that there will be resolutions related to proposed CO2 pipelines.

Smit said while the Farm Bureau will be adjusting the CO2 forum, it will be important to have “constructive conversations.”

“We are not there to promote or to sway any side or another,” Smith said Farm Bureau’s role.

The organization’s president Scott VanderWal will moderate the forum. Attendees will be asked to complete a question card for the forum’s question and answer section.

Smit said the Farm Bureau also plans to reach out to members soon to ask if they have questions they would like to be addressed at the CO2 pipeline forum. That information may be able to start the initial conversation at the forum, she said.

The South Dakota Farm Bureau had also submitted an updated forum description for the Dakotafest website. When a panelist that represents concerns is added, the website description and line-up will be updated, Smit said. The latest update is: “Proposed carbon dioxide pipelines have created a buzz in South Dakota and neighboring states. South Dakota Farm Bureau is presenting a forum at Dakotafest to offer an update on the status of the proposed pipeline. Hear directly from project stakeholders including Summit Pipeline and Glacial Lakes Ethanol about the latest developments and progress of the project. And, hear from the staff of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission about the permitting process and how you can stay informed.”