SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When ballots arrive at the Minnehaha County government center, it’s the start of a process toward vote tabulation.

The first step in ballot drop-off is outside the building where volunteers including Scouts help poll workers with carrying ballot boxes and election supplies inside.

“The boxes are not heavy but they’ve (poll workers) have been working all day,” volunteer Emily Newell said from the parking lot. “We’re here to help them finish out the day.”

At about 7:15 p.m. or so, Scouts and other volunteers began to carry ballot boxes inside the building. Other materials included poll site signs and information about the precincts.

The ballot boxes are brought to one of two check-in tables with two people at each table. Volunteers monitor the check-in process.

“All of the polling places have supplies, a poll list, ballot boxes…, we check to make sure everything they were sent with is (returned),” volunteer Monica Rishling said.

After the boxes and material are checked, the boxes are placed on carts.

“They are transported to (the counting room) with two people at a time,” Rishling said.

Sioux Falls City Clerk Tom Greco was helping with the ballot box check-in. Greco said about 30 volunteers were helping with the ballot box-check in process.

Once the boxes are brought to the commissioners room on the second floor of the government center, another group of volunteers is there to open the ballot boxes, pull out the ballots and get them organized for counting, Greco said.

“It’s very well organized,” Rishling said of the process.

Greco said the county would start tabulating votes with three voting tabulating machines. A fourth would be on standby, he said.

By 7:22 p.m., there were several ballot boxes on a cart being pushed by two people on their way to the voting tabulation room.