SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Brothers Preston and Dustin Pratt flew out from the United States on the day before Thanksgiving. Destination: Doha and the World Cup, via Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Petra.

Preston (left) and Dustin (right) Pratt at the World Cup outside Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar

The pair spoke to KELOLAND News from the edge of the parking lot, just outside Khalifa International Stadium in the middle of the match between Ecuador and Senegal. “It’s halftime of the Ecuador-Senegal game right now,” said Preston. “We’ve got to get going to the USA match.”

The brothers explained that on the Doha transit system, it will take about an hour and a half during the games to get from one venue to the other. “We’re rolling out early to make sure we get to the stadium on time,” Preston said.

Their report on the trip so far? “It’s been wonderful,” Preston said. “We had a little bit of an issue getting checked into our room — it took us about four hours between getting in line and finally getting the key to our room.”

After that though, the brothers say things have been great. “The people here are amazing, the experience as a whole — inside the stadium it’s electric,” said Preston.

Dustin agreed. “The people here are super nice,” he said. “Everyone is here to meet people and get that cultural experience. It’s been super awesome.”

For people who know Preston and Dustin, the choice to fly half way around the world to spectate the World Cup comes as a bit of a surprise. Of the two, Preston is a soccer fan, growing up playing soccer, playing a bit in college at USD, and even joining an adult league after graduation. He is very much a soccer guy.

Dustin, not so much. “This was actually his first ever soccer game,” Preston laughed. “First ever soccer game was at the world cup,” Dustin chimed in. Clearly a high bar going forward.

So why did this pair of brothers, one of which is not a fan, take the leap for the World Cup? Well, the answer was unexpectedly personal.

“Our pops actually passed away during the last World Cup,” Dustin explained. “We were sitting around, happy times were in short supply and the cup was going on.”

“Every morning we’d wake up and Dustin would sit on the couch next to me and say ‘alright, who’s playing today,'” Preston added.

A few years later, Dustin, thinking of this time, texted his brother; “We should go to the next World Cup.

“We are not going to Qatar,” Preston remembers saying. “And here we are,” laughed Dustin.

The brothers agreed that the best part of the experience has been the people, and meeting folks from all over the world.

“We’ve met quite a few from the United States, but also India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Korea, all over the place,” Preston said.

The two also saw some sights on the way.

“We went to Israel for a couple days before coming here for the World Cup — then Petra in Jordan for the world wonder and then back to Jerusalem — then here,” the brothers explained.

As for the next World Cup, which will be held in 2026 and hosted by cities in Mexica, the U.S. and Canada: “We’re already making plans with half of these people,” laughed Preston. “Particularly people from the United States — we met people from Philly, and Philly’s one of the locations that will have a game at the next world cup — basically any time we meet people from these major cities we’re like ‘hey, you got a room for us?’.”

As the two prepared to head onto public transit, bound for the USA-Iran match, they left us with a demonstration of team spirit. “Oh when the Yanks, oh when the Yanks go marching in!” they sang.