SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new pair of “protected spaces” has arisen in Sioux Falls, one in downtown and one near the outdoor campus, installed for the protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

The first, a pedestrian ‘bump-out’ is installed at the northwest corner of 11th and Dakota, where Dakota switches from a two-way to a one-way street.

Rather than the parallel parking that had previously ran along the west side of the street, there is now back-in diagonal parking, which will allow drivers to pull forward into the street when they leave their parking space.

Meanwhile, across town along Oxbow Ave., a protected bike trail has been put into place where the bike path reaches the street.

Though the structure itself only encases a small section of the bike lane, like the pedestrian bump-out in downtown, its presence appeared to slow traffic as drivers passed by it.

City Traffic Operations Engineer Heath Heftiezer oversaw the installation of these structures Thursday morning, a process he said only took about two and half hours overall.

Heftiezer says the locations of both structures were chosen with community input, telling KELOLAND News that people had been requesting a bike lane at Oxbow to connect the bike trails for quite some time, and that the bump-out at Dakota will help in easing congestion at pick-up and drop-off times of EmBe, which sits at the corner of the intersection.

These are currently just pilot programs, says Heftiezer, noting that the city is welcoming public input. If the people like what they see, he says you may expect to see more of these around town soon.