SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Even if you practice, sometimes, the action doesn’t go as planned.

Brynley Heidebrink’s miscue at her first communion recently at Risen Savior in Brandon has racked up about 26 million views on TikTok and 16,000 views on Instagram and another 9,700 views on Facebook as of May 3, said her mom Stefanie Heidebrink.

Brynley’s sip of the communion wine given by the priest turned out to be a big gulp. Big enough that the priest had to gently pull the cup from the 7-year-old’s hands.

“I could see her very well….I just kept thinking, ‘Please stop drinking,'” Stefanie said.

Part of Brynley’s preparation for the spiritual event included some practice.

“We had a retreat that morning to practice and she even asked again right before she went up there and I told her to just let it touch your lips; you don’t even have to take a sip,” Stefanie said.

Her daughter has no explainable reason for the big drink, other than ‘I don’t know, (why),’ Stefanie said.

She didn’t even like the taste of the wine.

The congregation was amused by Brynley’s long drink, and her daughter noticed the laughter.

Stefanie recorded the event. She realized she had a moment to share and posted a video on three of her social media pages.

“After I posted, I had a lot of friends and family text me saying that they can’t stop watching and laughing,” Stefanie said.

Although Stefanie said Brynley has “always been my little diva, so this is just fitting that she is going viral for something like this,” she is not aware of her viral fame. Which mom said was Ok.

The second-grader has completed her first communion in now-famous style.

Besides making a viral wave that is still unknown to her, Brynley loves dance, gymnastics and Taylor Swift.