SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Both the city of Sioux Falls and the South Dakota Department of Transportation will consider awarding a bid for the first segment of construction for South Veterans Parkway. 

Segment 1 of South Veterans Parkway stretches from Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue in southern Sioux Falls. It will include street improvements for Western, Minnesota and Cliff Avenues as well as sanitary sewer and water main improvements in combination with South Veterans Parkway. 

According to a letter from city engineer Andy Berg, four bids were received for the estimate of $44.1 million. The lowest bid was $47.9 million from John Riley Construction, Inc from Morris, Minnesota. Berg said the contractor worked on North Veterans Parkway from Rice Street to Interstate 90 as well as Cell 4 construction at the landfill. 

Berg said the sewer and water improvements’ estimated cost was $2.6 million and the low bid was $1.7 million. Both the Sioux Falls city council and the South Dakota DOT will hear contract agreements this week. 

The city will have to award the $1.7 million for the sewer and water improvements as well as $12 million for arterial street improvements and construction (8 million) as well as borrow pit land (4 million). 

South Veterans Parkway will connect Interstate 90 and Interstate 29 in eastern and southern Sioux Falls. North Veterans Parkway, which currently runs from Interstate 90 to 57th Street, will be connected by South Veterans Parkway. 

“Each two miles will take about two years to build,” Director of Public Works Mark Cotter said in a city video discussing construction.

Road construction on the $210 million project will take place in four segments – Cliff Avenue to Western Avenue, Western Avenue to I-29, Sycamore Avenue to Cliff Avenue and 57th Street to Sycamore Avenue. 

Design is underway for the other three segments of construction for South Veterans Parkway. 

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