SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The value of building permits for the first three months is more than double from last year in Sioux Falls.

The numbers prompt Butch Warrington, the city’s chief building inspector, to say “It’s gonna be a fun year.”

The city recorded $212,927,615 in values from January through March. The city had $103,723,606 in building permit values for the same period in 2020. The value for 2019 was $133,554,525.

The construction of apartments is driving a large part of the increase.

The city recorded $169.7 million in value for apartment permits in 2020.

A value of $51.7 million has already been recorded through March of this year. That’s nearly 21 times more than the $2.3 million in value in the same period last year.

Construction on apartments is “spread all over” the city, Warrington said.

The map shows the apartment projects listed from January through March. Click the map in the left hand corner to see the listing of projects.

Three companies are responsible for all the apartment building permits from January through March.

Those companies are Paradigm Construction LLC, Signature Companies LLC and Palz LLC.

Paradigm has projects that total about $27.5 million in value. Signature has projects that total about $13.8 million in value. Palz has projects that total about $7.1 million in value.

Warrington said builders of apartments in Sioux Falls are a mixture of older companies and some newer companies.

Apartment plans haven’t changed much in 20 years because within the space, “there isn’t much different you can do,” Warrington said.

But he is seeing one difference.

“A lot are three stories. Some with an elevator, some without,” Warrington said.

Building permits for apartments are issued for 180 days. Another 180 days is added after each inspection.

Inspections include plumbing, electrical and others.

“You don’t want a dead permit,” Warrington said. The additional days after each inspection “is an incentive to keep going,” Warrington said.

While apartment permits area already hefty for this year, Warrington said there are more projects on the way.