SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — People across the country are celebrating Black History Month. One way you can get involved is by heading to your local libraries.

Take a peep into the Mikkelsen Library at Augustana University, and you’ll find several book displays featuring black authors.

“Recognizing black stories and voices and black history as part of our shared history means that we can find those connections to each other more easily,” Krista Ohrtman, Librarian at Augustana University.

There is a variety of creative works, no matter the type of book you like to read.

“Authors who’ve written novels so fiction, non-fiction, we have humor, we have books written for young adults and children,” Ohrtman said.

A mix of historic and new age authors.

“More contemporary books focusing on racial justice and things like that are part of our display also,” Ohrtman said.

Giving a safe space on campus for students and the community to gather and educate.

“Our community is better and richer because of its diversity and we really want to be a place where all of our students and community members feel safe,” Ohrtman said.

If you’re in downtown Sioux Falls, you can also find a display at the Siouxland Libraries.

“The mission of the library is to curate a collection that reflects our whole community,” Beth Burg, collections librarian for Siouxland Libraries.

Books offering new and familiar perspectives.

“Whether you can see yourself in the stories you come in and you find books you recognize yourself in, or you learn about new people, different people through the stories”

Highlighting the importance of reading to expand perspectives.

“Reading is a way to learn about other people and to understand other people’s stories, so I think there is something for everyone here,” Burg said.

Links to these online catalogs for both libraries can be found here.