Sioux Falls Schools app keeps parents in touch with kids


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – It can be a juggling act trying to keep up on work and your kids, but the district has a solution to the problem and it fits right inside your pocket.

Things are always moving in the Sioux Fall School District, and they have a way for parents to stay ‘app-to-date.’

“All of the things that we’re doing around the community, it just made sense to really push this the beginning of the school year,” Cary Uthe said.

With their Sioux Falls School District app, you can learn instantly what’s happening in your kids’ schools.

“As soon as you open it, the first thing you’ll see is the top stories, so this is anything that we’ve put on our Facebook, our twitter, anything any of the schools that you follow put on their social media channels, and it’s going to filter that through just to show you what’s going on,” Uthe said.

It can also let parents know of any security situations.

“There’s been things on the news you’ve seen or heard about then all of the sudden the app will show you specifically what is happening, so you don’t have to worry. or it will say specifically: what police are looking for, or that it’s not a big deal, or there was a misunderstanding, but it’s been great,” Dammika Karu said.

Karu, a parent with two kids in the district, finds it helpful, especially when it comes to school lunches.

“I know my wife she really appreciates the fact that she can see what exactly it is so, ‘do we pack today or do we, you know, just have school lunch?'” Karu said.

“You can actually go in and see what’s on that lunch menu for the day,” Uthe said.

And even makes it easier to refill when the kids are getting low on lunch money.

“You just click on that and it allows a parent to be able to look at a glance and see how much money is in the account; whether or not that you need to add money to your child’s lunch balance and whether it’s getting low. It’s so convenient and you don’t really think about it cause now you don’t have to run through a check you can just do it through here,” Karu said.

The app also helps families whose second language is English.

“According to last year’s diversity‚Ķ our school board report we gave last year there were over 90 languages spoken within the Sioux Falls School District,” Uthe said.

And the app translates in 107 of them, helping improve communication.

“That communication is paramount for making us feel better about, not only, having our children somewhere else but it makes us feel like were a part of something as opposed to ‘we’re there, they’re here,'” Karu said.

The app is free for both iPhones and Androids, to learn more about its features you can go to the Sioux Falls School District website.

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