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AltHub Acquires Data Lagoon to Elevate Alternative Data Visualization Capabilities

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Acquiring Data Lagoon

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- BROOKLYN, NY / EIN / November 21, 2023 - AltHub, a leading player in the alternative data space, today announced its acquisition of Data Lagoon, a firm specializing in data visualization. This move marks a significant advancement in AltHub's mission to provide comprehensive solutions for data providers, further enhancing the value proposition they offer to Buyers of their data.

"With the acquisition of Data Lagoon, we're not just expanding our product offering; we're changing how data providers understand and present their data," remarked AltHub's CEO, Scott Hall. "Data Lagoon's cutting-edge visualization and data enrichment capabilities, combined with AltHub's robust modeling, will allow data providers to show more clearly their value to end buyers."

At its core, AltHub focuses on the algorithms behind the scenes, determining if a strategy can be effectively executed based on the data at hand. The addition of Data Lagoon brings a fresh layer of richness, with an ingestion and processing layer designed to onboard any type of data from companies across all industries. One of Lagoon's standout features is the enrichment layer that discerns the value of datasets.

Omri Shtayer, Founder of Data Lagoon, "Merging Data Lagoon’s capabilities with AltHub presents a fantastic opportunity to bring the capabilities to a broader audience and create a full suite of offerings.” A standout feature appreciated by Lagoon's clientele is its correlation analysis, which will now benefit AltHub's rapidly growing user base.

AltHub's Head of Business Development, Jordan Pasternak, shared his enthusiasm: "The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They are particularly excited about the ease of use and visualization capabilities that Lagoon brings to the table."

Meanwhile, the Chief Product Officer of AltHub, Vishnu Thurpati highlighted the smooth transition. "Integrating Lagoon into the AltHub platform has been seamless. Their dashboard platform layer and app/API functionalities will allow our data providers to present impressive dashboards and also enable them to sell more effectively."

AltHub's acquisition of Data Lagoon is a testament to its commitment to remaining at the forefront of the alternative data monetization industry.

About AltHub:
AltHub turns untapped data into unique alternative data, generating new revenue for companies and providing valuable insights for investors. We strive to unlock potential, drive growth, and foster data-driven investments.
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