Paint protection film can help prevent damage to expensive paintwork, but it also has to be cut and shaped to the individual body panels it’s meant to protect. This video from Topaz Detailing shows how that’s done.

Patterns need to be created for each new car that gets paint protection film. In this video, the process is demonstrated on the first Mercedes-Benz AMG One customer car, which was delivered to its owner earlier this year.

To design paint protection film for the AMG One, pieces of film were first laid over the body panels and cut to form an outline of each panel. The resulting shapes were then scanned and tweaked digitally to create better-fitting templates. Some test fitting is also involved to ensure the film conforms as closely to the bodywork as possible.

The AMG One has some complex pieces, including a section covering the front end that curves to follow the base of the windshield. There are also all the cutouts for the vents at the tops of the front fenders. Other pieces cover the doors, the pop-up rear spoiler, and the roof-mounted scoop. Even the wheels get their own small sections of paint protection film.

With the patterns in hand, it’s time to install the paint protection film on the car.

First, the surfaces are wetted down. The film is then slid into place and smoothed out with squeegees until it’s completely flush with the surface. Topaz Detailing has also developed a technique of steaming the film so it will stretch around exterior mirrors, which might otherwise have to be removed to install the film.

Watch the full video for more, as well as appearances by a few other noteworthy supercars, including an Aston Martin Valkyrie and Vulcan.

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