Sydney Thorson

I became the “new guy” in May of 2019 right after I graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato. In case you wondering why I am so good at writing… I studied English. The language itself is a passion of mine. If you think about it, words are so weird. You put them in perfect order, they make perfect sense. If don’t you makes sense nothing. See?

I got a taste of journalism by writing for my college’s magazine, HerCampus. I was involved in a sorority for four years, taking on roles like social chairwoman, assistant ritual chairwoman, and public affairs vice president. In the meantime, I worked two jobs as a barista at a juice bar and a consultant at a bridal shop.

A bit diverse for a resume. However, I always had a love for broadcasting journalism. My dad was a bureau reporter years ago for KELOLAND in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I will always remember my-little-girl-self, watching my dad in “awe” when the light came on and he went off. In the way he stood, the tone of his voice, the funny movements his hands were making, it all became so interesting to me. Also.. I loved riding around in his KELO car and waving to my friends like I was famous.

When the opportunity arose to apply for this job, I jumped on it. Well, I leaped. I knew it was going to be a giant learning experience for me because of my background, but I was ready for it. So, I was able to train for about a month and a half before I became the Rapid City Bureau reporter.

Journalism has officially stolen my heart. I have found so much joy in meeting new people everyday and sharing their stories with the rest of the South Dakota community. Please reach out to me whenever; I’d love to hear/share your stories!

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