Summer Raderschadt

Summer was born and raised in the Watertown area and has been a lifelong KELOLAND viewer. She went to Watertown Christian School kindergarten through eighth grade, and then went to Hamlin High School. 

In 2018, she went to Evangel University for one year, then she decided to take a year off and worked with a group called Youth With A Mission (YWAM), where she spent 3 months in Hawaii and 2 ½ months in Vietnam. 

After her gap year, she went back to Evangel, and declared a major in Strategic Communication, which is a mix of TV and Radio Broadcast with Marketing. While at Evangel, she was involved heavily on campus, including being on the school’s news program as an anchor and weather girl for four semesters. She graduated in May of 2023, and she snuck both gummy worms and coffee into her graduation ceremonies.

She started at KELOLAND in August of 2023, and is excited to get started in her career. 

When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, shopping, hunting, traveling, going to concerts, hanging out with social groups, and she always loves a good community service project.

Her family owns Lew’s Fireworks in Watertown, so she has a firecracker spirit, and as much as she loves the 4th of July, she never gets to celebrate it because she is always working. 

Her family is very important to her, and her siblings are her best friends. Another thing you should know about her and her siblings, is when you put their names together, chronologically, they are Summer-Raine-Bo (Summer Rainbow, if you need help pronouncing it).

She is not a fan of country music. 

If you have any story ideas you would like to send her, feel free to email her at

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