January 21, 1991 – Closed Captioning

When the technology became available, KELOLAND TV was first to provide closed-captioning of newscasts and many programs. KELOLAND TV is proud to provide this service to the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Even before closed captioning was available, KELOLAND TV allowed signers to provide live signing of our newscasts.

Closed Captioning

January 7, 1992 – Joe L Floyd

Founder Joe L Floyd passes away at age 80.

November 24, 1992 – LiveCam Introduced

It’s your window to KELOLAND, our LiveCams. The first LiveCam was lifted into position on our studio tower on this date in 1992. And that was just the beginning. KELOLAND TV now has 25 LiveCams located all across KELOLAND.

May 31, 1996 – Young Broadcasting buys KELOLAND TV

KELOLAND TV began a new era as a part of Young Broadcasting. The sale marked the first time the station had changed hands since its inception. 

December 28, 1996 – Captain 11 Signs Off

After 41 years, Captain 11 returned to the outer galaxies. He began the show as he did every show with a question “How’s my crew today?” This historical program featured the Captain’s final crew members including his family, friends and a host of current and former KELO employees. The Captain, Dave Dedrick, retired from KELOLAND TV that same year. Dave Dedrick passed away January 22, 2010. He will always be a part of KELOLAND.

September 8, 1997 – Live Doppler Network

KELOLAND TV broke new ground once again by introducing the first and only live Doppler radar in KELOLAND. Live Doppler 2000 brought live weather radar pictures right to your home. The Live Doppler 2000 radar network included two radars, one in Beresford and one in Huron. Live Doppler 2000 gave KELOLAND TV a distinct advantage in keeping you safe from dangerous storms. Live Doppler 2000 became KELOLAND Live Doppler when the station added a third live Doppler radar.

Live Doppler Network

December 3, 1997 – KELOLAND.com Debuts

KELOLAND TV embraced a new medium with the launching of our web site, at the time, www.kelotv.com. From humble beginnings, KELOLAND TV continued to improve and grow our web site. Now KELOLAND.com attracts more visitors than any other local web site.

First Website

June 3, 1998 – Spencer Tornado

After a devastating tornado leveled Spencer, SD, KELOLAND TV organized a telethon to help tornado victims. This station-wide effort brought in pledges from across KELOLAND and beyond. With the help of thousands of viewers, KELOLAND TV raised more than $1,000,000 for the Spencer Tornado Relief Fund. Money from the fund has helped rebuild Spencer and helped rebuild the lives of the survivors.

Spencer Tornado

September 11, 1999 – Live Streaming on KELOLAND.com

Staying in touch with local news became easier with the advent of live video streaming on KELOLAND.com. We called it NetCast. Now you could watch the news on your computer either live or from our archives. You could also see breaking news as it happened. NetCast was put to the test almost immediately. The following week viewers saw our live coverage of the capture of escaped murderer LaVance Owens on NetCast. Today, KELOLAND.com is constantly upgraded to bring you more video streaming with better quality.

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