uses a national network of ad servers in order to serve ads all across, KELOLAND News app and KELOLAND Storm Tracker app. Not all ads that appear across our platforms are placed by our local KELOLAND team and the KELOLAND Team does not have full control on what ads you see. We encourage our viewers to report any advertising, but before reaching out to us use the information and tips below help identify and maybe fix the problem now.

Identifying Ads

There are many ways advertisers target audiences. Advertisers can serve ads across our platforms to target their ideal audience. A lot of these ad servers may already have data based on your online behavior and interests. Advertisers place “cookies” (little pieces of code) on your devices in order to target and retarget you with thier ads. When you visit another website you pick up this cookie and when you go to, you may see ads for something you were just looking at on the other website.

Just because you see a certain ad on our website, your neighbor or anyone on our team are not likely to see it because of this type of targeting. What you see is based upon where you have been.

We encourage our viewers to report any advertising, but before reaching out to us use the tips below to see if you can take care of the problem on your end first. 

Tips and tricks for getting rid of unwanted ads. 

Clear your Cookies, and clear your Cache. How to do this varies with the browser you are using. Here are some how to links from the most popular browsers used.
Google Chrome:
Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer):

We do our best to have filters on the types of ads that run but also consider that your search behavior (or those of others that use your computer) could influence the types of ads that are shown. Clear your cache, clear your cookies, then close the browser and try again. If you still see these ads, let us know. These questions below will help us in our effort to remove the ad.

Is the ad lewd or inappropriate? Please tell us all you can about what the ad says and looks like.

Is the ad slowing down the page or preventing you from accessing the content and articles? Any ad that has an impact on how a webpage works or creates problems on your computer likely contains malware.

We will ask for the link the ad contains. It is very important that you do not click on the ad. Rather you should “right-click” on it and copy the link address. Enter that information in the form below to report to us.

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