Storm Tracker Tutorials

Storm Tracker Tutorial

Setting your locations is very simple on this version of Storm Tracker.  It can be done by entering a town name, zip code, or picking a point on a map.  We'll go step by step here.

When the app opens, you will be on the "home" screen.  Simply tap on either the Local Conditions section or the Radar section.


In the upper right corner there is a location icon.  Tap on that to bring up "My Locations"


Then tap on "Add Location".


Here, you can start by typing in the name of your town.


Tap on the name of the town to add it to your list of locations.


You can also type in your zip code.  Once the name of the town appears, tap on it to add it to your list of locations.


Another way to add locations is to tap on a location on the radar map.  When you are on the map, you can zoom into your location or any other location you want to have available.


A yellow pin will appear and information about that location will pop up in a box.  It will adjust it's information with the closest community.  To add this location to your list, tap on the Pin icon with the "+" symbol.


When the yellow pin turns red, you'll know it has been added to your locations.


If you need to delete any of your locations, simply swipe left on that location and then tap on Delete.


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