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We’re digging through our old film and video archives and each Friday we’ll share one right here.  Do you have any old footage of KELOLAND News, Captain 11, or event that KELOLAND TV was a part of?  Please let us know!  Email webmaster@keloland.com

May 14, 2004
Longtime track coach Rich Greeno hung up his running shoes back in 2004 after 54 years of coaching. On Monday, March 27, he passed away at age 88.

March 7, 1996
Reporter Don Jorgensen and photojournalist Kevin Kjergaard traveled along with Vern Halter during the Iditarod race in Alaska.

June 20, 2004
Former Sioux Falls city planner Steve Metli toured the latest developments at Falls Park near downtown back in 2004. John Wilson reports.

January 20, 1989
South Dakotans were there when George H.W. Bush to the Oath of Office during the 1989 Inauguration in Washington D.C., Susan Forest reports.

January 8, 1981
Doug Lund visited Great Bear Ski Valley outside of Sioux Falls during a particularly dry January back in 1981.

December 19, 1983
Blizzard conditions days before Christmas back in 1983 kept plows busy. Judy Grant was in Sioux Falls, reporting for CBS News on the cleanup effort.

December 18, 1993
Darlene Gisi grew up loving the taste and smell of popcorn. That's why she started growing it for her own enjoyment. Shannon Shultz talked with the Chester-based business.

December 10, 1970
The U.S. Post Office rented a Sioux Transit bus and traveled the streets of Sioux Falls back in 1970. The mobile post office sold stamps and collected mail at its two dozen stops. Steve Hemmingsen reports.

November 11, 1983
For almost a century, November 11 has been a day to remember and honor those who served our country. Monica Dailey reports from a ceremony after the death of several service members back in 1983.

October 30, 1980
A Sioux Falls costume store manager says ghoulish get-ups (Frankenstein, Dracula) are in, as so are clown outfits. Bill Overman reports.

October 22, 1975
Gas prices reached all-time lows in 1975, with some stations in Sioux Falls selling a gallon for 48 cents. Bill Avery reports.

October 6, 1993
Reporter Michael Schwartz talked with pumpkin painter Lorraine Nemeier about her booming business.

October 1, 1993
Paul and Joyce Lee in northwest Iowa went into the roasted soybean business and sold Super Soy Nuts through the mail and at their fair booth.

September 12, 1968
Sgt. Jim Rubbels demonstrated one of the first devices used in South Dakota to detect blood-alcohol levels in drivers. John Ratliff reported for KELOLAND News in 1968.

September 2, 1980
Bill Overman reported from Mitchell where the city's discussion focused on the Corn Palace's dome. A fire had destroyed the previous dome, but faltering tourism dollars in 1980 spurred criticisms of the dome's $135,000 price tag.

August 27, 1976
Lucy the pig brought attention to the Anton Campen farm near Canton when she was born. John Nickel talked with the three-legged pig back in 1976.

August 18, 1993
Towns such as Spencer and Salem were inundated with rain during an unusually wet season. As Jay Trobec reports, heavy rainfall and hail damaged buildings and flooded roads.

July 25, 1969
Back in the late 1960s, approximately 140 homes were included in an urban renewal plan to improve a central Sioux Falls neighborhood. But as Doug Barstow reported, not everyone was happy with the idea.

July 15, 1983
A traditional Chautauqua visited Spearfish, providing a window back to the movement's heyday in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Kevin Jensen reports.

June 17, 1980
Bill Overman visited Tabor for its annual Czech Days. The celebration is rooted in the town's Czechoslovakian heritage.

May 26, 1976
Democratic presidential candidate Mo Udall visits Sioux Falls to campaign for the upcoming 1976 convention.

May 6, 1970
Steve Hemmingsen was there as Augustana University (then Augustana College) students joined in on nationwide protests to bring American troops home from Vietnam.

April 30, 1976
After a cut back in air force operations, Bill Avery reported that the South Dakota Air Guard picked up new responsibilities for air defense in Europe.

April 21, 1977
KELOLAND's Terry Thill reported when buffalo bones were found at Don Crummel's home in Yankton.

March 22, 1972
KELOLAND's Richard Muller is near Pierre, SD to look at a rodeo school for the American Indian.

March 15th, 1976
KELOLAND's Doug Lund talks with woodcarver Jim Savage.


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