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Gathering Ghosts

October 24, 2005, 11:59 PM by Don Jorgensen

Gathering Ghosts
Click here to view (Windows Media)

AYankton woman doesn't have to wait until October 31st to get spooked by ghosts or apparitions. That's because she claims her house is haunted and has been for years. She has pictures that she says proves she's living with ghosts.

It looks like any other house on Cedar Street in Yankton. But Colleen Meyers tells a different story, a ghost story. "I'll take you upstairs, nobody has ever been up here, except for the renters," said Meyers.

Meyers has livedin the housefor the past 14 years and rents out the upstairs. Nobody has lived up here for the past six months, so she's remodeling.

Every footstep, every door squeak, every floor creek, Meyers becomes more convinced her house is haunted. "My son has seen a tall thin man with a gray three piece suit on who went into our kitchen and sat down and when he went around the corner he wasn't there," said Meyers.

"I've heard marbles rolling upstairs, a fan flew right here in the room from the living room into the sitting room. It's just like a walking or running into the walls that's what it sounded like," said Meyers.

A psychic told her the ghosts and spirits enter the house behinda door, using an invisible type elevator traveling up and down throughout the house. The psychic told her the closer someone is to the elevator, the stronger the presence of a ghost or spirit.
The psychic has also told Meyers that the ghosts are using her house as a place to gather, because they have nowhere else to go.

"Just from doing the interview and talking about them right now gives them more energy, so I will probably hear noises in the next 3 or 4 nights," said Meyers. Doesn't that creep you out a little bit? Yeah.

But the noises are only half of what scares her, photos are the other half. Meyers took pictures of her cats, but when she got them developed she saw something that frightened her even more. A ghostly appearance in front of her cats.

haunted house

Is it an apparition? Perhaps. Meyers can't explain it. But maybe we can.

When we shot our video inside the house, we didn't see anything out of the ordinary, until we took our video back to our editing room when we played it in slow motion. We saw a white ghostly appearance in our video.

The bright spot is no ghost, it's the sunlight coming through the window, it's called lens flare. "I see it a lot when I work processing film."

Holly Hendriks is a professional photographer in Sioux Falls. She got her bachelor of fine arts degree in photography from the University of Minnesota and hasten years of experience.

We showed Hendriks the photos of the ghostly figures. Listen to what she says. "I would say this is something that's called lens flare where the light is going through the lens at just the right angle and it's actually making spots from the pieces of glass inside the lens," said Hendriks.

Hendriks says the ghostly images on the photos could be a lot of things. "It could have been a smudge on the lens, makes it look like its foggy, heat can cause strange little spots as well."

Hendriks also says old cameras can sometime leak in light, causing spots on the photos.

While that might disprove the photos, it certainly doesn't explain the noises or shadows or strange things that have happened in the house many say is haunted.

Meyers tried selling the house on ebay, she didn't get any offers, but she got a lot of emails from people who want to spend the night there. So now she's going to turn her house, not into a bed and breakfast, but rather a bed and boo.

If you'd like to get ahold of Colleen Meyers to ask her about her house, you can email her by clicking here.

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