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December 29, 2017 06:07 PM

Winter Weather Impacts Travelers

On the ground and in the air, winter weather is impacting travelers all over the country. The frigid temperatures cancelled more than 80 flights in Chicago on Thursday morning. On Friday morning, things were looking a little more promising for passengers flying out of Sioux Falls. 

The race is on for Dawn Hahne and her family to hurry up and get to Orlando. 

"The sooner we get down there, the sooner we get away from snow and cold," Hahne said. 

Hahne says a post holiday vacation in Florida is the perfect way to start 2018. Shannon Rydberg is glad this bitterly cold ending to 2017 wasn't enough to slow her down when she drove from Sanborn Iowa to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. 

Mallory: "When you saw the weather today, did you have any concerns about whether you'd be able to get out of here?"
Shannon: "Yes, I left an hour early. We've been here for quite some time, getting ready. The roads were not too bad."

The low visibility and snow outside is delaying travelers all over the country. Though they expected to wait a little bit while crews de-iced the plane, these passengers were glad to skip any major setbacks. 

"Coldest time of the year, and we picked the best time to get out of here," Rydberg said. 

In addition to flying to warmer weather, these passengers are glad they have a direct flight and no layovers in another frigid city.

"Layovers. You never know what's going to happen. Never know if you're going to get delayed again and it just takes so much time out of your day," Hahne said. 

"The fear of getting stuck somewhere overnight or even for a couple of hours is just gone," Rydberg said. 

Though Hahne is happy to get to Florida right away, oddly enough, she wouldn't mind a delay for her return flight. 

"Everytime we come back, it's hard. And it's always so cold," Hahne said. 

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