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February 16, 2018 10:03 PM

Why Bouncing Businesses Are Soaring

The bouncing business is hitting new heights.

Several trampoline parks have opened in the area over the past few years.

Sky Zone opened five years ago as the first trampoline park in the state.

"The kids absolutely love it. They love to get out," Customer Josh Doohen said.

Since then, several more have opened, including Air Madness in Harrisburg and a similar concept in Tea.

"A lot of backyard birthday parties, a lot of town celebrations," Bounce Around Inflatables General Manager Jim Holm said.

Bounce Around Inflatables has around 200 inflatables that it takes to different events, but the bouncing business has also decided to open a permanent indoor location.

"It's pretty easy for parents to just come out here and relax. Bring a lunch or snack in, sit here and watch their kids play," Holm said.

Meanwhile, Sky Zone is keeping up with the increasing competition by adding new features. They include climbing walls, sky wars, and a ladder climb.

"We realized after five years we need to keep things fresh. I think Sky Zone as a corporation also realized that there was more to having fun in trampoline parks than just trampolines," Owner Scott Redd said.

No matter the skill level, it seems all sorts of people are jumping into this trampoline trend.

"I get some exercise in the winter time. We get kind of cooped up," Doohen said.

A winter option that is soaring to new heights.

As trampoline parks are becoming more popular, so are injuries from them.

That's why it's a good idea to brush up on how to jump safely before taking part.

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