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July 17, 2017 05:13 PM

Wedding Nightmare

Sioux Falls, SD

Alfred Angelo didn't have any corporate stores in the Midwest but some KELOLAND brides were still left without a dress. 

A wedding nightmare is the best way to describe what thousands of brides are going through across the country.  One Sioux Falls bridal boutique is coming to the rescue not only for local brides but for brides across the Midwest.

Elegant Xpressions has been open for 17 years, and the shop has never had to deal with a situation like this.  On Friday, manager Shauna Niedan was shocked to hear that Alfred Angelo declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy and would no longer be filling orders.

"They closed the doors without warning.  Every mom and pop shop that carried them; every corporate person shut down.  It was a surprise for everyone," Niedan said.

Niedan says the first thing she did was check if any of her brides had ordered one of the dresses.

"All you can do is reach out to your bride and try to help them the best you can, whether it be try to find them a different dress or work with another store," Niedan said.

Only one of her brides had ordered an Alfred Angelo dress and the bridal shop was able to sell her the same dress off the rack. 

Elegant Xpressions has also been helping brides by working with other bridal shops in Omaha and Minneapolis. 

"Stores like myself, we have all banned together. Offered help to each other, exchanging inventory, selling inventory, so that our brides can still have the wedding of their dreams," Niedan said.

A dream that some brides have been planning their whole life.

"Weddings are already highly emotional, and that bride wants to have that special day and rightfully so they should have that special day," Niedan said.

Joining the movement of bridal shops across the country, Niedan says she is offering discounts to brides who have been burned, no matter where they live.

"If someone has gotten an Alfred Angelo dress, again we have had lost of customers that are not from around here I have found them a dress and offered them discounts," Niedan said.

Even with the unusual demand, the shop still has a few Alfred Angelo dresses in stock.  They are all being discounted up to 50-percent off. 

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