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November 27, 2017 10:11 PM

Tuning In With A Local YouTube Star

A Howard, South Dakota, native left the state to pursue a career in acting, but Taylor Calmus ended up finding fans in a different way than he expected.

He's shared hugs and the TV screen with big names such as Jimmy Kimmel, but now Calmus is winning over fans all across the world in a different way.

"The Internet has changed the way things work in terms of entertainment," Calmus said.

A couple of years ago when Calmus' wife was pregnant with their first child, Dude Dad was also born.

"I knew that going into fatherhood would be a crazy busy time. I didn't know what that would mean for my career and pursuing this crazy difficult dream," Calmus said.

With Dude Dad, Calmus creates entertaining videos about fatherhood that are usually filled with sarcasm.

"Our world and especially our Internet is so full of negative stuff. You can't turn it on without getting mad or offended. I want to create this place where parents can plug in," Calmus said.

Calmus often convinces his wife to take part.

"I've always wanted to be super supportive of what he's doing. I love the vision and mission that he has. It makes people laugh. It makes me laugh," Heidi Calmus said.

While most of the videos are meant to make you laugh, some are quite serious, including a post about potential complications with their second child.

"Seeing her on the ultrasound for the first time--in that moment you completely forget about the 'what ifs.' You're so excited about your baby-to-be," Calmus said.

Their daughter, now three months old, ended up not having any health issues. Juno also plays a supporting role in the videos--videos that Calmus hopes to someday be his full-time job.

"The goal is that hopefully I'll get to drink a Coke on the channel, and they'll pay me for it," Calmus said.

A unique job in this changing world of entertainment.

Popular YouTube channels also get money through advertisements.

Taylor and Heidi met at the University of Sioux Falls before leaving for Los Angeles. Check out Dude Dad on YouTube and Facebook.

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