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December 12, 2017 10:08 PM

Three Downtown Stores Close In 4 Months

First Lillians, then Keller's Green Grocery and now Unglued.  Three downtown Sioux Falls stores have announced they're closing within the past four months.

Jennifer Swenson likes the uniqueness of Unglued.

"I thought huge bummer," Swenson said.

The store features locally-made modern gifts, along with craft parties and workshops.

"You're going to find something handmade with thought and love put into it," Swenson said.

The Sioux Falls shop is closing on January 10.  At the same time, the business is expanding in downtown Fargo. In fact, the store's Sioux Falls manager Ashley Rieck is moving to Fargo to start a corporate events and private parties program.

"We can do team building and workshops and come to people to do them," Rieck said.

So why is the business able to craft a corner in Fargo, but fall off the map in Sioux Falls?

"I honestly think we're three years behind being able to fully support something like this," Rieck said.

Rieck says downtown needs a couple more anchor stores, like Duluth Trading Company. Hundreds of people came downtown just for Duluth's grand opening.

"When Duluth Trading Company came in, we had a ton of people come downtown again," Rieck said.

Rieck believes the new Lewis Drug will help once it opens, but it's too late for this store — a store that Swenson says she'll miss. Not only did she shop here, but she also brought kids here to learn about crafting and leadership.

"Everybody is going to find something unique and something that speaks to them," Swenson said.

Unique pieces that you will soon no longer be able to find here.

Unglued will hold a community craft party on January 13 to celebrate its makers, time in Sioux Falls, crew and community.

Another business plans to move into Unglued's space shortly after it closes.
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