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June 05, 2013 09:50 PM

The Real Need For A Virtual Business

Sioux Falls, SD

Technology is constantly changing the way we do business, but owning your own small business has gotten a little easier thanks to a Sioux Falls company that offers virtual services.

Tiffny Hagan didn't start out in her current office space. This administrative assistant wanted to work and be home with her two kids, so she figured out a way to do it.

"My niche is small businesses and organizations who don't need a full-time assistant but they need someone who is their administrative partner.  That affords me to go and have a quite a few different clients but just do the work that particular client needs.  That in itself is the nature of a virtual assistant.  To be able to do everything virtually," Tiffny said. 

And that has led to clients all across the country, most of whom she never meets. 

"Anything from very simple data entry and mailings to association management for statewide organizations-putting together their conventions," Tiffny said.

After working from home for seven years Hagan and her husband, who is the technology expert, opened up offices to cater to small businesses who want to rent the space, by the hour or by the month.

While renting out office space to small business isn't a new concept in Sioux Falls, ESuites says what it offers goes beyond just the space.

"We really like to pride ourselves on we are the friend to small business. We have a whole lot of services in one spot. Not only are there offices and conference rooms, but there's mail forwarding services, registered agent services, there's technology, there's an administrative assistant and everything is just an a la carte. What services might you need and how can we help you?" Tiffny said.

Tim Hagan will help businesses set up websites or even teach them how to use a new cell phone. 

"Regardless if you're big or small, everyone needs an IT person. It doesn't matter if you have one computer or a thousand; you always have problems and there's never anyone there when you need it. We are that person for them," Tim Hagan said.

And the Hagens are used to wearing a lot of hats to help other business succeed. 

"I am the receptionist and I am the admin and I am the owner," Tiffny said.

The ESuites offices rent for about $500 a month. Other business services are priced individually.

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