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December 28, 2017 06:02 PM

Starz, Bracco Gift Card Options

With two Sioux Falls restaurants closing at the end of the week, there are a lot of questions. Starz and Bracco will be shutting the doors on December 31. 

According to store managers, Bracco is being bought by another restaurant company and Starz chose not to renew its lease.  If you have a gift card to one of these locations, you do have some options. 

A lot of people get gift cards for Christmas.  In fact, according to the Better Business Bureau, it's the second most requested gift.

For people panicking about not getting into Bracco or Starz before the New Year, don't worry.

"You have other options available to you. You can go to the Spezia restaurant, either in Sioux Falls or Omaha or the Bracco in Okoboji," Jessie Schmidt with BBB in Sioux Falls said. 

If those don't appeal to you, you can always take a shorter trip.

"Certainly you can visit the restaurant and say, 'What is the possibility? What can be done?'" Schmidt said.

We spoke with a manager at Bracco on the phone on Thursday, who said they have redeemed a few gift cards for cash. However, with low staff numbers right now that may take some time out of your day and theirs.

If you're short on time, you can try going through the source of the gift.

"You were given it by somebody, you could encourage them to dispute that charge on their credit card because then the gift card isn't of much value to you," Schmidt said. 

If the card was purchased at another retailer, you can also go there and see what their return policy is.

If all else fails, take your concerns to the top.

"And if you simply can't find an answer anywhere, you can certainly reach out to the Attorney General's office, Department of Consumer Protection and file a complaint with them," Schmidt said.

You do have until New Year's Eve to use the gift cards at Starz and Bracco.

The Bracco manager says the new restaurant going into that location should be announced in February.

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