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November 27, 2017 05:00 PM

Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday Strong for Local Stores

If you have a case of the Mondays, maybe some online retail therapy is in order.

Small Business Saturday brought a lot of customers to Downtown Sioux Falls, and store owners hope to keep riding the wave and cash in on Cyber Monday. After a hard season last year, it is important for shoppers to support downtown businesses. 

It is sort of funny; the owner of Child's Play Toys can't wait for her store to grow up. 

"I hope I'm here for another 80 years," Nancy Savage said.

For now, Savage is celebrating her business's eighth birthday. Over the weekend, she received the best present ever: a very busy Small Business Saturday.

"Over and over, I heard people saying we wanted to come down here and support you and we're so grateful you're still here," Savage said. 

Even if there aren't as many customers actually in the store, Savage is expecting a great Cyber Monday. 

"We should have good online sales," Savage said. 

Next door, at A League of Your Own, Small Business Saturday didn't knock it out of the park, but wasn't a swing and a miss either. 

"Busy, wasn't as busy as we'd hoped it was, but still packed down here," Owner Kathryn Macziewski said. 

Macziewski says this holiday shopping season is especially important. She says some stores are still recovering from last year, after the Copper Lounge building collapse slowed down sales. 

"We think it's still looming. I had one customer tell me they specifically came down here to support us this year, because they know that was so difficult for us last year," Macziewski said.

Both Macziewski and Savage are hopeful. Whether it's a birthday or not, Savage says it's always a good time to celebrate local business owners.

"People really thinking where they want to put their money and we are so grateful they continue to bring it to us," Savage said. 

To see a list of downtown businesses, visit the Downtown Sioux Falls website

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