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August 07, 2013 09:52 PM

SF Area Community Foundation Has New Home

Sioux Falls, SD

The Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation has built its reputation on helping area non-profits and charities strengthen local communities.  Now, the foundation has a solid future in a new downtown home. 

Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation President Candy Hanson has a lot to be proud of. This time, it not just about the foundation's giving, it's about the foundation's new home in downtown Sioux Falls in a train depot that opened in 1887. 

The interior is a blend of some new designs and old traditions.

"We were hoping to save quite a few more but we could save one and it's a beauty," Hanson said.

Employees are moving in, but paint is yet to dry. The new office was made possible by more than 60 donors, allowing the foundation to save, restore and renovate the historic building and do so almost debt free.

"They knew what the project was supposed the be and they stepped forward. It is humbling but when I look at it, the stars were bound to align at some point, and they finally did," Hanson said.

Work is also happening on the outside of the building. The exterior renovations started in 2009. One of the last projects to finish is the parking lot.

Moving the foundation into the new location has been more than ten years in the making.  The foundation manages more than $100-million in assets and this new, old office building will be an asset for the foundation as it continues to grow.

"This came full circle in that the stone that this building was made of came from the old quarry site at Arrowhead Park and we helped give Arrowhead Park to the city so we really do feel at home here," Hanson said.

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