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May 13, 2013 10:01 PM

New Designer Discount Store

Sioux Falls, SD

A women's fashion store that started in Fargo is opening at the Bridges at 57th this week.

Danielle Holte and her mom Linda Larson are going into business together.   Holte discovered a store while visiting Fargo that she just knew would go over well in Sioux Falls.

"They went to the MODE store in Fargo and Danielle told me about the MODE opportunity and I kind of sat on it, the timing wasn't right.  In January, I thought maybe we should check into this MODE, " Larson said.

"I talked to my mom, I'm not necessarily the biggest risk taker and she said, you know I think we could do it. We've taken the ball and ran with it," Holte said.

The MODE store started in Fargo in 2008 and was so successful the owner has franchised it with the fourth store opening now in Sioux Falls. 

"We're the only ones in the nation actually. We're really excited about the concept," owner Ciara Stockeland said.

But it wasn't what Stockeland set out to do originally. She was running a maternity store when her trucker husband asked her to sell some damaged freight that was originally intended for the department store Nordstrom. 

"And I said, let's just sell this product. We had no clue how to do it, Nike, shoes; crazy stuff. It took off. It was amazing. Every Saturday morning when we'd open up, there'd be a line of people grabbing stuff and I thought, I think I have something here," Stockeland said.

She ditched the maternity clothes for the designer duds and it took off. 

"Our first franchisees were our customers. They said, 'We love this. We want to bring it to our city. So we opened, Bismarck, then Grand Forks and then Sioux Falls," Stockeland said.

Stockeland says MODE's niche is the $40 designer jean, but the store also carries a variety of clothing and accessories. What sets it apart from an outlet is the boutique feel and customer service.   

"Opening a clothing store is something I've always wanted to do and this is really modeled, where my shopping experience has turned to over the years in finding great quality at great prices," Holte said.

MODE opens for business Thursday.  Stockeland says she'd like to see MODE stores in Rapid City and Aberdeen.

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