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January 02, 2018 10:08 PM

Makeup Industry Brushing Up More Business

With more people shopping online, many companies are struggling but not the makeup industry.

Retailers such as Macy's are investing more in beauty products, and more local students are deciding to become makeup artists.

You may have seen so-called glam squads on reality TV shows. Makeup artists travel with celebrities to make sure they look on point at all times.

"With social media and reality TV, I feel like all the girls want to be glam," Jodi Hunter said.

Hunter is a makeup artist not in LA or New York, but in Sioux Falls.

"The industry has definitely grown." Hunter said.

Since she started Bombshell Beauty five years ago, she's seen the industry double in the city.

"Social media is the key here. It makes everyone want to get into the industry," Hunter said.

At Stewart School, they've also seen more people interested in makeup. They've seen about a 90 percent increase in students interested in the art over the past eight years.

"Now not only do people have standing appointments to get their nails done, but now they're getting facials, and not just for certain occasions are getting their makeup done," Stewart School Senior Aesthetics Director Carma Sanner said.

Sanner says more people are building a business out of beauty.

Hunter is also trying to brush up customers through Youtube. She's created her own channel, like many of today's beauty gurus.

"A lot of women don't know how beautiful they are, and makeup really brings that out. Being able to make people feel good, I love that feeling," Hunter said.

A feeling that has more makeup artists glowing.

If you're wondering what the top makeup trends are for 2018, we've posted a video here.

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