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December 30, 2017 09:12 PM

Lyft To Have Its Busiest Weekend Yet

Lyft drivers hope to be ringing in the cash while most people ring in the new year. 

Lyft drivers say this New Years Eve is expected to be the biggest night of the year since the demand for rides will be a lot higher than usual. Nylis Renschler has been driving for Lyft since it started operating in Sioux Falls. According to a Facebook group he's in, there are around 300 Lyft drivers in the Sioux Falls area, so getting one shouldn't be an issue but the prices will go up during prime time. Still, he says it's a lot cheaper than getting a DUI. 

"It's important and I have this little saying that if, 'you should Lyft it, if you're going to drink it,' so if you're going to be out there drinking, you should take a Lyft. It's cheap, it's inexpensive, and reasonable," said Renschler. 

Renschelr says if you wait 10 minutes after the high demand for a ride, the pricing should be back to normal.

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