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July 02, 2013 10:14 PM

Lots Of Jobs, But Not Enough Workers

Sioux Falls, SD

An article with Mayor Mike Huether for the National Journal raises the question: with such a low unemployment rate, do we have enough workers in Sioux Falls to fill all the positions created by new businesses coming to town?

The city of Sioux Falls has an impressive unemployment rate of 3.5 percent, which is less than half the national rate. But with fewer workers and more businesses popping up all the time, does Sioux Falls have what it takes to keep up?

"The challenge is to find the right person for the company that's looking for a good employee. At 3.5 percent unemployment, there are still good employees out there. But being able to find the right person to fill the right position becomes the challenge for us as a staffing company," Kent Alberty of Employment Edge said.

Another factor that plays a large role is education. Alberty serves on the Sioux Falls School Board and says training kids for specialized jobs is crucial for the Sioux Falls market.

"The nice thing about our technical schools is they have the ability to talk to the business community needs. They have people on committees that say, 'We're going to need more of this type of worker or that type of worker.'  And the technical schools can respond to those needs by developing programs that are going to help train those folks that want to go into the workforce sooner and have a specific skill," Alberty said.

Alberty also believes the immigration reform bill making its way through Washington, D.C., could help Sioux Falls in the years to come.

"If we aren't able to have enough U.S.-born citizens to fill all of those specialized manufacturing, construction, labor jobs, then we need to have a comprehensive immigration reform in place so that we can bring those workers into the state," Alberty said.

You can read Mayor Huether's interview at the National Journal website.

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