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January 23, 2018 06:04 PM

KBACK Moves Downtown

Sioux Falls, SD

From rubber bands and coat hangers to a state of the art facility. KBACK Radio is delivering rock and roll from Sioux Falls to the rest of the country. Starting next week, they'll be doing it from a new home.

KBAD Radio fans used to show up to Badlands Pawn just to watch the local DJs work the mics.  Once the plug was pulled, the staff was left with nothing but each other.

"We spent a couple of days trying to figure out what we're going to do with the future. I could move to another market; I could do radio somewhere else. Or I could stay here," Crazy Frank said. 

"We weren't ready to be quiet, to stop, quit or go home," The Metal Cowboy said. 

So, Crazy Frank started building a radio station in his basement. The whole project was funded by the four owners; Crash, The Metal Cowboy, The Rev and Crazy Frank.

"We're doing a local thing. We're starting out on our own. We're starting with nothing and we're hoping to end up with something," Jeff "The Rev" Koller said. 

"We decided we needed to move it out of Frank's basement if we were going to be legitimate," Crash said. 

That's how they ended up in an office space above the shops at 8th and Railroad in Downtown Sioux Falls.

With a new name and space, they're also trying a new way of reaching the audience- free online streaming.

"You drop into almost any office in town, you're going to find people sitting at their desk with headphones in. Either listening online or listening on their phones," Crash said. 

"Very much like Netflix or Spotify.  The only difference is KBACK Radio is free.  I said free," The Metal Cowboy said. 

"If we give it away for free, how can we lose," Crazy Frank said. 

"Yeah, we're back with a vengeance. You got to check it out. KBACK rocks because we're here to stay, man," The Rev said.

KBACK will begin streaming from their new space on Monday. 

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