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August 25, 2017 04:59 PM

Hurricane Harvey Could Impact Gas Prices In KELOLAND

Sioux Falls, SD

Hurricane Harvey is gaining strength along the Texas gulf coast. Although the catastrophic storm is brewing more than a thousand miles away, it's impacting drivers in KELOLAND.

One third of the nation's oil refiners are located in the gulf coast. Many of the rigs are shutting down ahead of the storm, and it could impact how much you pay at the pump. 

Driving around a large family isn't cheap.  Ashley Kramp, a mother of seven, can't afford any more than the $50 she spends a week on gas.

"Our budget is pretty tight. It really wouldn't help our budget any. We would have to reconfigure some things,” Kramp said.

Soon she may have to find extra funds to fill up. Hurricane Harvey is getting ready to unleash its fury on the Texas gulf coast.

As people prepare for the worst, gas prices are expected to rise.

"Down south they are expecting anywhere from five to 15 cents a gallon,” Buskohl said.

Marilyn Buskohl with AAA says there shouldn't be as much of an increase here.

"I really don't expect that we're going to see anything dramatic here. I think if we see an increase It will be just a couple of cents,” Buskohl said.

If it does end up costing you more to fill up at the pump, Buskohl says the spike will be short lived. Gas prices are expected to drop back to normal within a week.

"Spikes in pump prices tend to be very dramatic, you know when hurricanes come, but then they're also brief,” Buskohl said.

Of course that all depends on when the gulf coast's oil refineries open up again. Kramp will be keeping her fingers crossed.

“Oh yes! We'd look forward to it going back down. Absolutely!" Kramp said.

So far, Buskohl said gas prices haven't changed in South Dakota.  Right now, they're in line with the national average of $2.35 per gallon.  

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