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November 28, 2017 06:05 PM

Giving Tuesday Gets Dirty For Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD

On Giving Tuesday, the city of Sioux Falls is celebrating with a bunch of dirt.  This week the gritty gift was announced between Lloyd Companies and the Levitt at the Falls project. 

It's not every day someone gets excited over dirt, but the city of Sioux Falls is thrilled to receive about 10,000 cubic yards of the stuff from Lloyd. 

"It's a really good day when the partner tells you that the dirt that they have, that you need, is right across the street," Don Kearney, Director of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, said. 

The dirt is being used to build up the natural amphitheater known as the Levitt Shell that will be going in at Falls Park West.

If you travel a little farther north on Philips Avenue, you'll find the site of the Cascade Project Lloyd Companies is working on. While they make room for their own building and underground parking, they realized they have a lot of extra dirt. They decided to gift it to the city, along with the man-power of placement.

"It also saves us funds in the long-run, costs in the long-run of having to haul it away as well," Erica Beck with Lloyd Companies said. 

This gift will save the city about $100,000.  However, that money won't change the $4.2 million budget for the Levitt at the Falls project.

The ground in this area has been cleared by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, but the city would rather be safe than sorry.

"Whenever you're dealing with contamination in these downtown areas, you always want to carry a solid contingency into these projects. So it won't necessarily lower the budget, but it will allow more flexibility within our budget," Kearney said. 

This gift will also allow the city to start work in the Levitt project much sooner than expected. While they had planned on waiting until next Spring, they will now be receiving the dirt donation this week.

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