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September 03, 2017 09:59 PM

Gas Prices Going Up In Aftermath Of Harvey

Even though Hurricane Harvey didn't hit the Midwest directly, it's affected everyone across the country in many ways, even leading to higher gas prices. Drivers in KELOLAND have been experiencing it for the past week.

"It does affect me quite a bit because I do travel quite a bit for work. So I do feel that in the pocket book quite a bit as I'm  getting ready to leave and get on the road for work quite often," said Valerie Vandeveire, Driver.
Gas prices have gone up even more this Labor Day weekend. This past week it was at $2.43 cents per gallon and now at some places it's even at $2.50 per gallon.

"Gas prices have gone high and sometimes makes us go off the budget. Like all of a sudden you come to a gas station and you find, "oh its about 20 cents more and you budgeted for 20 cents less," said Ronald Matovu, Driver. 

Even though it's taken a toll on some people others haven't been bothered by it. 

"It doesn't affect us so much cause because we are older and we don't have to drive to work, so to speak, so it doesn't bother us so much but I'm sure if you have a family or you're going to work, it would affect you more than it would us," said Mary Davis. 

and for those traveling over the weekend it's been a huge difference compared to other states. 

"Yeah, I definitely noticed. It was about, the lowest I found was 2.29 and then up here, it's what, $2.40. So yeah it's way different up here," said Jim Gulbranson. 

The average price of regular gas in South Dakota is 18 cents higher than it was this time last year. 

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