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February 23, 2018 06:06 PM

Former Sioux Falls Store Thriving in Fargo

It is going on its sixth year up north, but the same store closed after two years in Sioux Falls. You may remember Unglued in downtown. It is a crafty store that sells products like cards, shirts and soap from local makers. 

"People come in here all the time and have no idea what Lefse is and what uffda means, and we have such good conversation," Ashley Morken, owner, said. 

There sure are a lot of things to talk about inside the store in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

"This is our "Uffda You Betcha Dontcha Know I Love Fargo" one," Morken said. 

A little Fargo flavor is what Ashley Morken is selling at Unglued, a store she opened in 2012. It has been so successful, Morken says an expansion is in the future. 

Brady: "Why is this place working and why did the Sioux Falls location not work?"
Morken: "Yeah, that's still definitely a question we're trying to figure out and we talk about it a lot."

Morken says there are a few reasons why the store in Fargo flourishes and the location in Sioux Falls sank. Mostly, it's because of who lives in this downtown and their age. 

"Having the university, NDSU, that is actually downtown in some areas now, too. That has been a huge driving force, I think in our daily traffic flow," Morken said. 

As for Sioux Falls, Morken says she knew about a year ago the business wasn't working. She says members of the Downtown Sioux Falls team tried everything to help. 

"We reached out to them and they actually put together a retail-focused panel together of retailers in the area and they, one of the things that was said, was maybe you're just too soon for Sioux Falls right now," Morken said. 

Unglued had a short stay, but Morken thinks it got people talking about makers and locally-made products. This is why she thinks, in a few years, an Unglued-type of store will definitely stick in Sioux Falls. 

"We're really still excited about what kind of started there and will continue on even without us physically present there," Morken said. 

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