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August 07, 2012 07:49 AM

First-Hand View of Comet II Roller Coaster

Sioux Falls, SD

It's the attraction of attractions at this year's Sioux Empire Fair and it truly does stand above the rest.
If you like a little bit of a thrill every now and then, the Comet II is exactly what you're looking for.  I had the chance to take a few rides on it Monday and took a Go Pro camera along to give you a first-hand look.

With 1,500 feet of rail, it's the only and largest traveling roller coaster of its kind in the United States.

And if you're going to take a ride on the Comet II, who better to have next to you than Miss Sioux Empire Fair herself, Alexis Kosiak. She said she wasn't nervous, but we'll let you decide that one for yourself.

Hoffman found the steep drops and hairpin turns to be quite the thrill. You also start off pretty fast on the first and biggest drop of the roller coaster.

From there it's more fast turns and drops, all of which are made to give thrill seekers that extra dose of adrenaline.

If you want to see this roller coaster for yourself, it will cost an extra $5 and rides open at noon all week.

Watch the entire coaster ride here.

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