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December 04, 2017 03:11 PM

Facebook's New App Aimed At Kids

If a child is ready for the first grade, Facebook says they are ready for the popular social media site.  

It has come up with a new app for children as young as six years old.  

Kids have always needed to be 13 years old to set up a Facebook account.  It's federal law.  

That's still the case, but beginning Monday, children as young as six years old can use a parent's account to communicate with their parents and friends.  The app is called Messenger Kids.

We went to the app store to see what it includes.  In addition to sending notes, kids can use emojis and can decorate pictures to include in messages.  There's also a group video chat option, so kids can chat with their whole family at once.  

You may be wondering how it's different than the regular messenger.

It needs to be set up through a parent's account.  That means mom or dad can decide which friends and family members a child can contact.  Parents are also the only ones who can delete messages -- so you can see exactly what your child is sending.  

Another difference?  Messenger Kids won't show ads or collect data for marketing.  That would be illegal. 

As you can imagine, some people like it.  Others are questioning whether this is just another way to get people hooked on Facebook and they don't like that it targets such young kids.  

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