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December 13, 2017 10:02 PM

DocuTAP Adds Offices, Employees

It's a Sioux Falls company that you likely don't hear a lot about, but DocuTAP is growing quickly.

In fact, the urgent care software company has added two more locations--one in Atlanta and the other in St. Louis.

Here's a look at why it's a pivotal time for the booming business.

"We've enabled physicians to carry their medical record around electronically," DocuTAP Founder Eric McDonald said in 2006.

McDonald came up with the concept in his basement in 1999.

At that time many doctors kept track of information using paper and pen.

Fast forward to today. DocuTAP now has around 350 employees. It's also added three more people to its leadership team this year, including Matt Blosl.

"If you go into an urgent care clinic, we're the technology that powers that," Blosl said.

DocuTAP now "powers" around 2,800 clinics across the country. Its products include electronic medical records.

"It is a pivotal time, especially when you're starting to introduce one or more acquisitions," McDonald said.

"To see a company grow year over year like we have, I don't want to say is unheard of, but it's pretty rare," Blosl said.

Growth that is being fueled by an increase of urgent care clinics.

"We're in a spot where health care is changing, and we're right at the epicenter of that change," McDonald said.

DocuTAP is also looking for a CTO and CFO.

Company leaders say the main challenge now is with all of the opportunities, they have to keep the business focused.

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