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August 11, 2017 10:10 PM

DIY Business Building Up In Sioux Falls

The do-it-yourself craze is picking up steam in KELOLAND.

Two new businesses that focus on teaching people how to make trendy home decor will soon open in Sioux Falls.

Caleb and Tracy Hinkkanen may seem like they're straight out of a HGTV show.

"Anything that I feel like I can tackle I've tried," Caleb said.

 They've built, stained and painted many of the things in their house.

"I like making things pretty. I like making my home inviting," Tracy said.

Now the Sioux Falls couple is building on their do-it-yourself love with a business. They're going to open an AR Workshop location in the city in September. You can register for a class at the studio, where you make different types of home decor.

"We'll have beer and wine there. People can come early and have some drinks while they pick out their paint and stain," Tracy said.

Meanwhile, another Sioux Falls couple is also brushing up on their woodworking. Jim Shaeffer and Vonda Cotton are opening a similar business called Board and Brush also in September. It will offer classes for everyone from kids to coworkers.

"This gives them an opportunity to make something. When they're done, it's empowering to say, 'Look. I ran a power tool tonight,'" Cotton said.

Cotton says this DIY experience is not only taking over because people like to make things, but it also provides an experience among friends and family.

"Everybody's lives are so busy. We've kind of lost that getting together in the evenings to catch up with people. This is an opportunity for them to do that," Cotton said.

An opportunity that's also painting a whole new sector of businesses.

"This is something that Sioux Falls will love. I think we're always looking for ways to get out, especially during the cold, lonely winters," Tracy said.

AR Workshop will be located in the Western Mall.

You'll be able to check out Board and Brush near the corner of 26th Street and Marion Road.

For more details here is the website and Facebook page for AR.

Here is the website and Facebook page for Board and Brush.

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