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September 12, 2017 05:40 PM

Create DIY Projects At The Shop

Rapid City, SD

Building something by hand can give you a sense of accomplishment. But if you don't have the necessary tools, it can hard to complete that project. There's a spot in Rapid City that hopes to change that.   

James Taylor is finishing up becoming a member at The Shop.  He will now have access to do projects ranging from woodworking, welding and even things like 3D printing.

"I signed up for a year because I really like this idea; it's wonderful.  I'm glad they're doing it," Taylor said.

"The idea started, Chance and I own Black Hills Metal Fabricators, a welding business, and the idea stemmed from people always wanting to borrow our stuff, so we'd have people come in and be like, 'Oh you have one of those.  Can we borrow it for the afternoon?'" James Krause, owner of The Shop, said.

After having enough people ask to borrow tools, Krause and the other owners decided to turn it into a business or what is also known as a 'makerspace.'

"Basically we rent time for people to come use our stuff, and memberships," Krause said. "Range from $40 student membership up to a $300 professional, come every day, use it as your job membership."

Once you're trained to use the equipment, you're free to build whatever you'd like.

"The response we've had has been great, everybody is pretty excited about it. The idea is just so easy and community sharing type thing that everybody really likes it," Krause said.

It's a place where people can learn, create, and connect and where people, like Taylor, are excited to get creative.

"They have all kinds of machinery, all kinds of different things you can do.  I always like to learn new things," Taylor said.

Krause says he hopes they hope to expand with getting more space, members, and classes and disciplines. 

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