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January 03, 2017 09:56 PM

Construction Update: Half Of Washington Square Condos Spoken For

The skyline of downtown Sioux Falls will look dramatically different by the end of this year.

The large Washington Square building is scheduled to open in the fall.

The mixed-use building looks a lot different than last time we showed you the project this summer.

"It takes 850 loads of concrete," Chris Houwman said.

Houwman, who is part of the square's ownership group, says interest in the building is also making progress. More than half of the 22 condos are sold. Many of the future owners are 60 years old or older.

"They're people who want to downsize. They want to be close to the Pavilion. They want to be downtown. They don't want to be on Phillips Avenue, but they want to be downtown," Houwman said.

The building will also contain parking for the condo owners along with office space for around five different businesses. Over 60 percent of that has been leased.

"What was a dead-end street or a street that wasn't very well utilized is going to have a lot of activity," Houwman said.

A lot of that activity could be on the main floor, where there will possibly be a restaurant and a coffee shop or a couple of restaurants. Houwman says he has a handful of businesses interested in the space.

"Both in-state and out-of-state," Houwman said.

Interest that could change the look of downtown Sioux Falls.

"We want to tie Phillips Avenue into the Pavilion and create an entertainment district," Houwman said.

Houwman's group also recently bought an old transmission building that neighbors the project.  They plan to restore the 1918 building and turn it into a restaurant.

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