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January 02, 2018 05:02 PM

Cold Weather Keeps Mechanics Busy

This cold weather has a lot of us putting our hoods up and we're not just talking about the ones on our jackets. The owner of Ultimate Automotive says drivers are coming in with a number of problems from our stretch of below zero temperatures. In fact, on our way to interview him, we saw a truck connected to a battery charger; and a driver who was hoping for a jolt of good news. 

"Too many pockets and I can't find the key," Alyssa Oswald said.

That's the least of Oswald's problems. No matter how cold it is, she's about to encounter a sound that gives us all chills. You are probably familiar with the sound of a vehicle that won't start. That's the case for Oswald. Her truck won't start, and her run of bad luck won't stop. 

"I found out it seems like whatever vehicle I touch doesn't like to be started in the freezing cold," Oswald said.

The truck actually belongs to her dad, who let her use it when her own car was having battery issues. 

"It's part of the cold-weather business," Doug Kooiman with Ultimate Automotive said. 

Kooiman says Oswald isn't alone because other drivers are having problems with batteries, tires and just getting their cars to run. 

"They've been coming in with cars that won't start; they've been towed in. Phone has been ringing off that hook," Kooiman said.

It's good for Kooiman's bottomline, but he doesn't want to see customers have to go through this.  That's why he's sharing some advice to steer you toward a working car this winter. 

"Basically good maintenance. Fall of the year, get your car checked out. Get the battery checked out to see what shape they're in.  Whether it's going to stand up to the cold weather," Kooiman said.

Kooiman says a lot of our battery issues this winter actually started during another extreme in weather. He says our very hot summer impacted a lot of car batteries. Combined with extreme cold now, he says that's why he's seeing a rush of business.  

As for Oswald, one last turn of the key brought a much-appreciated turn of events. No matter how cold it is that's a sound that makes all of us feel warm and tingly inside.

"Yay!!! I'm happy. I can do errands!" Oswald said. 

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