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July 02, 2016 11:00 PM

Bridges Bay Resort Expands Experience For Guests

Okoboji, IA

Lake Okoboji is a popular summer vacation for people across KELOLAND and this weekend there's something new for you to check out. 

The Bridges Bay Resort in Okoboji is already a top spot for visitors with its own waterpark and Bracco restaurant. 

Now, a 20,000 square-foot addition is adding even more to the property.

"One of the purposes of the facility is to provide a year-round restaurant and dining facility as well as meeting space to compliment the hotel at Bridges Bay Resort," Michael Samp with TNT Hospitality group said. 

Michael Samp oversees many of the events at the resort. With the new addition he'll now get a chance to help brides and grooms celebrate their big day. 

"You have an infinity view of the lake. You don't see any boats, the docks, everything, it just goes out and you're able to take in the peaceful atmosphere of Lake Okoboji," Samp said. 

Just over a week in, guests are already enjoying the atmosphere of the waterfront property.

"It was very peaceful. Bloody Mary was great. Can't wait to tryout some of the food. We did try one of the flat breads, so that was awesome. We really just hanging down there and having a blast. It's fun no matter where you're sitting," Alyssa Rosenberg said. 

The Waterfront at Bridges Bay isn't the only new attraction. The Skyrider's Zip Line also has people excited about their trip to the lakes.

"The zip line was amazing. It was a thrill for sure," Margo Kendall said. 

Bailey Milne: "Did you enjoy the view at the top?"

Kendall: "I did. I did, indeed, yes."

"It was fun. They had great music on the way up and great scenery. You don't always get to see the top of the lake," Rosenberg said. 

Creating one district that has it all is what Samp says will make your next stop at Bridges Bay Resort even better. 

"From the zip line, the cantina, the pool area, Bracco, the waters Edge Grill, all the way through the wedding and event center, we have the largest dining and entertainment district on Lake Okoboji," Samp said. 

Five more condos will be built on the Bridges Bay Resort property with construction beginning in October and weddings are already in the planner for 2018.

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