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June 28, 2017 10:04 PM

Best Times To Travel Over Independence Day Holiday

Buckle up!  A record number of people are expected to travel this Fourth of July weekend.

When you leave could have a big effect on whether you arrive less stressed than when you left.

Here are details on the best days to hit the road in order to avoid the most traffic.

As fireworks light up the night sky, a record amount of people are expected to hit the highways.

"We are planning on going down to Yankton to my fiancé’s family. They always have a big celebration," Angie Munce said.

Munce is one of 44.2 million Americans expected to travel 50 miles or more from home.

"I think it's because of low gas prices. Gas prices are the lowest they've been since 2005," AAA of South Dakota Public Affairs Director Marilyn Buskohl said.

If you do have travel plans, you might want to think about leaving sooner rather than later. Researchers have found one of the best days to travel this year is on Thursday.

"Probably the best days would be Thursday or Saturday," Buskohl said.

Buskohl says that's when you can expect the least amount of traffic. This is important because more cars often equals more crashes. So when will roads be the busiest? AAA predicts after work on Friday.

"If you're going to a metro area especially, traffic is going to be high. Avoid rush hours and things like that," Buskohl said.

You can also expect a lot of people to travel by air. AAA predicts 3.44 million people will be flying. That's five percent more than last year.

"I would recommend getting to the airport in plenty of time because lines are going to be long," Buskohl said.

Despite long lines and lots of cars, Munce says the drive will be worth it.

"We always make that family time," Munce said.

In addition to low gas prices, AAA also says strong employment rates and higher consumer confidence are also driving more people to travel this Independence Day.

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